Healveda Herbals Brahmi Ras

Stress can affect how memories are formed. When stressed, people have a more difficult time creating short-term memories and turning those short-term memories into long-term memories, meaning that it is more difficult to learn when stressed.

Stress can affect the type of memories we form as well. If we are stressed during an event, we may have more difficulty accurately remembering the details of the event later, as the stress we felt colours our perceptions as well as our ability to recall what we perceived at the time. This is part of why eye-witness testimony is so unreliable—people can be absolutely sure they saw something a certain way, but this doesn’t mean that they are correct.

Healveda Herbals Brahmi Ras is an Ayurvedic, herbal tonic that helps relieve stress and combats memory weakness. This tonic helps gradually decrease cortisol levels and helps release stress and anxiety. This is a tonic for adults who undergo mental fatigue during the day. It is loaded with antioxidants, which may help heal the damages caused by free radicals. Antioxidants help release the oxidative stress from body cells and keep you active through the day.

Brahmi Ras helps maintain healthy functioning of organs by improving sensory impulse transmission. It is a herbal way to find relief from several problems or symptoms relating to the sensory organs. Apart from that, this tonic may also help in releasing fatigue and physical lethargy which in turn boosts up your energy level. Regular consumption of Healveda Herbals Brahmi Ras keeps you healthy and pro-active throughout the day.



  • Nourishes the neurons and improves retention ability
  • Enhances Physical, Mental and Emotional Stability
  • Useful in easing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Induces sleep and is helpful in insomnia
  • Increasing the grasping power & learning capacity
  • Reduces mental fatigue and anxiety
  • Helps to elevate mood and reduce stress
  • Rich source of antioxidants helps to reduce age related memory loss

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