Rishkof Forte Chewable Tablets

With increasing pollution, debilitating lifestyle and dietary changes, various ailments are going around. People are already popping pills like it just becomes part and parcel of life; irrelevant of age groups, medicines have become part and parcel of everybody’s life. Since there are already so many ailments on the plate for which treatments are inevitable. We can treat cough and cold with ayurvedic medicines.

Ideally, a cough is not a bad thing. Cough helps to clear the throat. It becomes an issue when it is extended and sustained for a more extended period. There can be various reasons for coughing. e.g., Monsoon brings a lot of happiness in the form of an ideal climate to go travelling and eat all the oily and greasy food, which also gets cough and cold along.

Seasonal changes are common reasons for freezing, which can be bacterial infections or a viral thing. Some of the coughs could be related to the lungs or sinus.

Cough and cold is the body’s reaction when an outside particle enters the body through airways.

Healveda Herbals Rishkof Forte Chewable Tablet is an Ayurvedic and natural cough remedy. The product has the richness of herbal ingredients like honey, Mulethi, Vasaka, Kali Mirch, and Tulsi. Ayurvedic tablets formulated to help in relieve the consumer from all the throat related problems, like soreness, pain, cough, etc. It is a chewable tablet which is sugar free. It is ayurvedic relief for sore that due to allergy or infections. It is also helpful in throat problems. It relieves throat inflammation, irritation and pain with its anti-inflammatory, cooling, and soothing actions. Being sugar-free it becomes a best option for throat problems in diabetics.

Benefits of Rishkof Forte Tablets:

  • Offers instant relief from sore throat & pain
  • Reduce discomfort from coughing
  • Reduces cough reflex
  • Relieves from bad breath
  • It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It heals the cold by eliminating viruses
  • Strengthens the Digestive Tract

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