Pilodemon Tablets

Piles is the result of enlarged vein in the anal region. In Ayurveda, this is known as Arsha. There are various reasons like constipation, constantly sitting for a long time on the hard surface, lack of exercise and harmful food habit like food without fiber for piles.

Piles is categorized into two types, namely, bleeding piles and dry piles. In bleeding piles, so much of the blood is bleed that, the patient suffers from anaemia. Wind formation in the stomach, loss of appetite, itching in the anus region is often associated with this disease.

Healveda Herbals Pilodemon Tablets an Excellent combination of well-known herbs that helps in providing relief in painful piles. The herbs used in Pilodemon are known to treat piles in Ayurveda. Pilodemon is helpful in removing constipation and can also be consumed by diabetic patients. Also, the tablets are known to be effective in improving the digestive system. It stops bleeding, itching, remove lumps and pain. This is the best treatment to get rid of haemorrhoids. It gives you permanent cure from piles naturally and without any side effects. It is helpful for all physical systems. It consists of extracts of various natural herbs. It has great effect if taken properly on daily basis with mentioned precautions.


Health Benefits

  • Helps to relieve pain, discomfort and itching associated with piles
  • Soothes peri-anal pain
  • Prevents straining at stool
  • Helpful in relieving constipation
  • Treats gastric disorder
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti- ulcer properties
  • Can be consumed by diabetic patients

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