R-Liv Syrup

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body. It removes toxins from the body’s blood supply, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, regulates blood clotting, and performs hundreds of other vital functions. It is located beneath the rib cage in the right upper abdomen.

The liver is an essential organ of the body that performs over 500 vital functions. These include removing waste products and foreign substances from the bloodstream, regulating blood sugar levels, and creating essential nutrients.

Healveda Herbals R-Liv Syrup acts as an Ayurvedic medicine for the liver that helps keep the liver healthy by improving the body’s metabolisms. It works as a mild laxative and aids with hyperacidity. This best liver syrup in India allows for a gradual detoxification of the liver & kidneys by promoting a comprehensive elimination of toxins from the body. It stimulates secretion of bile from the liver and exerts laxative & carminative effects. It is also available as a SUGAR FREE variant and works as an effective Ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver & cirrhosis.


  • It improves digestion & the body metabolism
  • It helps to promote the elimination of toxins from the body
  • Helps to prevent ulcers by reducing gastric acid production
  • It aids in keeping the liver healthy
  • It helps with hyperacidity
  • Works as a mild laxative
  • It Stimulate the secretion of bile from the liver
  • Helps to detoxifying the damaged liver

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