Healveda Herbals Neem Ras

Most of us have grown up hearing about the many miraculous properties of neem. It almost every Indian household, neem is an instant remedy for skin and hair related problems – from combating acne, pimples and chicken pox marks to reducing dandruff and frizzy hair.

If you have been wishing for beautiful skin, know that it won’t just come about without you putting in a little effort. Apart from following a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, you also need to pamper your skin with natural beauty ingredients such as neem. In Ayurveda, neem is commonly known as an effective acne combatant and a great remedy for beautiful, glowing skin.

HEALVEDA HERBALS Neem Juice is perfect for daily consumption as it has radiant effects on your skin. It aids in diminishing skin ulcers and reduces spots on skin. Our natural neem juice has regenerative properties which aids in multiple areas.

HEALVEDA HERBALS Neem Juice is also good for conditioning of hair as natural ingredients in it that reduces hair fall and improves scalp health This Ayurvedic Neem Juice is extremely effective in relieving symptoms of several gastrointestinal problems including hyper acidity, diarrhoea and constipation. This Neem Leaf Juice has anti-bacterial properties and drinking this organic neem juice will help in fighting common infections such as cold, cough and throat infections.

Health Benefits:

  • Helps to improve immunity and creates resistance
  • It has strong antiviral properties
  • Helps to reduce the formation of gas, bloating & flatulence
  • Reduces melanin production of the skin
  • Rich source of vitamin “E”
  • Helps to reduce the frequency of pimples
  • Improve metabolism & maintain weight
  • Helps to reduce acne & prevent fine lines

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