Healveda Herbals Giloy Tulsi Juice

Every cell in the body needs specific nutrients to function and without these nutrients, the cells go from being in a state of good health, to a state of poor health very quickly.

The more nutrient deficient the body becomes, the higher the number of unhealthy cells there are. When the number of unhealthy cells starts to outweigh the number of healthy cells, the disease process has begun. This effect is similar to that of a small bruise on an apple, which eventually turns the whole apple rotten.

Giloy Tulsi Juice by HEALVEDA HERBALS is packed with magical benefits of two ingredients in a single bottle. Giloy Tulsi Juice is cold-pressed with no added heat, chemicals, which helps retain the original nutritional value. It has high amount of vitamin C and zinc which are essential for boosting immunity. It is a natural metabolism boosting drink. It also helps reducing the signs of cough and cold. Giloy Tulsi, both are ancient ayurvedic herbs that not only helps in formation of blood but also purifies the blood. It is a magical drink for improving skin health and removing all the imperfections. It is a safe and effective health drink for improving the overall health of the body.






Health Benefits:

  • Improve the immune response & shields the body from infections
  • Helps in eliminating toxins, supporting healthy digestive & respiratory system
  • It is used in gout & joints related troubles
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Useful in generalized debility
  • Helps slowing down the aging process
  • Fights allergies & flu
  • Great for healing skin problems

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