Femaitri Capsules

When we speak about “women’s health” we understand that this encompasses many different issues during the different stages of her life. Some common problems that women face are irregular periods, menstrual pain, premenstrual pain, acne, anaemia and many more. Though allopathic medicines are available for all the problems but popping too many painkillers or increased dependency on self-medication is not a good idea. What is better is to take ayurvedic treatments which can not only control but also prevent these common problems that women face.

Healveda Herbals Femaitri Capsule contains validated blend of researched herbs. Ashoka and Lodhra provides phytoestrogens to repair & restore endometrium and to prevent fibroids and irregular uterine bleeding. Moreover Nagkeshar helps to normalize bleeding during periods and also provides relief from abdominal cramps.

Healveda Herbals Femaitri Capsule helps to nourish and cleanse the blood and helps in fighting difficulties of those days. It is a safe and healthy choice for dealing with feminine health. It helps to bring a natural balance and nourishes women’s health by supporting various physiological functions.

Health Benefits:

  • Regulates the sudden shifts in mood.
  • Alleviates anxiety and stress levels.
  • Peri-menopausal support for women
  • Boosts energy levels and moderates fatigue
  • Improves sleep cycles.
  • Helps to restore hormonal balance in women
  • Notice the results in 30 days.

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